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Talia Bobenic



Talia is a hydrologist specializing in hydrological modelling. She recently completed her masters focusing her research on subsurface hydrology. She looks forward to learning behaviours from those around her and exploring more areas of hydrology.



Formerly living in Atlantic Canada, Talia migrated west stopping in the Prairies and eventually settling in near the Rocky Mountains. Within Talia’s mountainous habitat she occasionally moves below the treeline in search of the best camping spot. Although, she mainly lives above the forested area often checking out the best summit views.


Life History

Talia was born in Santiago, Chile and migrated north shortly after. Since then, she has travelled across Canada in search for the perfect habitat. Talia obtained her BSc in Geology at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. She then spent some time in the Prairies at University of Saskatchewan completing her Master of Water Security. She is currently a Geologist-in-Training (GIT) in Alberta.



Although Talia is considered highly intelligent and athletic, she often competes with her Border Collie who has a tendency to outsmart her. She is often run down by her dogs demanding personality and need to explore. Together they enjoy their evening walks and sitting by the nearest waterbody. 

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