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Spencer Spannier



Spencer is an Environmental Engineer-in-Training with a love of all things water. He has just started working in this field and is excited to contribute to hydrological research, climate change studies, and ecosystem protection. The research that interests him most is the effects of natural forest disturbances, particularly forest insects, on flood risks and he hopes to investigate this further as his career develops.


Spencer roams the mountainous landscapes of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Biologists have described Spencer as “generally keen, but kind of tired.” This perfectly illustrates his competing desires to hike to mountain tops, climb cliffs, or paddleboard lakes and rivers with his contentedness nesting at home with his dog, Tilley. 

Life History

Spencer has lived the majority of his life in the Columbia Mountains. He left to pursue an education in Environmental Engineering at the University of British Columbia and the University of Northern British Columbia. He is now registered as an Engineer-In-Training with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia. City living left Spencer feral and a return to the mountains was needed to continue living the calm life he desired.


Spencer is a mutualistic organism requiring proximity to domesticated animals at all times. He in turn provides long walks, snuggles, and as many treats as they can ask for. Researchers have yet to understand what will happen if Spencer is separated from his canine companions but it will likely be detrimental to the ecosystem as a whole.

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