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We develop and apply process-based hydrological models to estimate streamflow and other hydro-climatic indicators across watersheds. These models incorporate land cover, climate, and terrain, and quantify how changes in land use and climate affect the timing and magnitude of water resources.  

Hydrological Modelling
Natural Water System
Hydrological Modelling

We design river system models which incorporate water demand, supply, and reservoir operations across watersheds. These models can be used to investigate how scenarios, such as increased demand, changes in dam operations, and climate change, affect water resources and impact stakeholders.

River System Modelling

We are specialists in stream temperature and aquatic habitat modelling. We use statistical and physically-based methods to address a range of questions related to freshwater ecosystems. We apply innovative modelling techniques and translate information using user-friendly approaches like web-based interfaces. This combination of advanced science and state-of-the-art communication provides clients with implementable and robust tools. 

Habitat Modelling
Hydrological Modelling

We conduct environmental sampling, including hydrometric gauging, water temperature monitoring, CABIN aquatic biomonitoring, and weather station installation. We also perform field data processing and analysis, including hydrometric data validation, low-frequency analyses, trend analysis, and data summaries. 

Data Collection and Analysis
Hydrological Modelling

We apply sophisticated land use, natural disturbance, and climate change modelling to evaluate value component response to cumulative effects. We provide expert guidance on cumulative effects management to government, First Nations, and industry.

Cumulative Effects Assessment
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Hydrological Modelling

We are experts in watershed processes and advanced analytical techniques that enable us to assess watershed response to multiple factors in a practical and innovative way.

Watershed Assessment
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