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Morgan Braaten



Morgan is a hydrologist with a BSc in Environment Earth Sciences and Master of Environment and Sustainability (MES) from the University of Saskatchewan. Morgan’s MES research used a novel method to estimate soil moisture, where she applied two different hydrological models to reproduce field observations. Her main research interests include understanding how water is stored and moves through the landscape and how these processes are influenced by anthropogenic climate change.  


When not at work, Morgan enjoys recreating outdoors in the boreal and grassland ecoregions surrounding her. Bipedal existence is often too slow for Morgan, and as such, she can frequently be found on a bicycle in both the summer and winter months, choosing to both commute and recreate this way. During the summer, Morgan can also be found exploring Saskatchewan’s beautiful lentic environments, spending time at her family’s cabin in Northern Saskatchewan, or playing disc golf and ultimate frisbee. In the winter, Morgan may choose to venture outside into the sub-zero temperatures to cross-country ski, but more often than not, she will be huddled up in a warm den playing board games with friends.

Life History

Morgan is a flatlander, originating in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and she currently resides in Saskatoon. She has worked as a research assistant for the Global Institute for Water Security and Centre for Hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan, primarily completing hydrological fieldwork. After her undergrad, she worked as an outreach coordinator for the Global Water Futures research program assisting researchers with science dissemination and outreach. 


Morgan is a well-adjusted creature that conservationists have few concerns for. She is able to form mutualstic relationships with most mammals, acting as a self-proclaimed professional pet-sitter for her family’s cats and dogs. Through this relationship, she is able to get all of the snuggles and companionship of pet ownership with none of the responsibilities..

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