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Mat Sedgwick



Mat is a software developer that specializes in GIS and web mapping applications. He’s a passionate problem solver that loves to architect and design; he would have made a great mechanical engineer, if he were not so frightened by powertools. Instead, Mat studied and honed his skills in computer science and geography, to bring his ideas to life on the screen. Mat focuses mostly on front-end development, providing tools and applications for users to visualize and interact with their spatial data.



Mat is known not to venture far from his home in Victoria, Vancouver Island - preferring to entice food and company to come his way. When spotted in public, he’s most likely making an appearance at the local circus gym to practice aerial skills. Mat’s demeanor and activities are affected greatly by the seasons and exposure to sunlight. In the summer months, Mat can often be tracked down to a hammock on his back deck, by listening carefully for the sound of Britney Spears music. There is still much we do not know about Mat’s winter habits, but experts speculate that they involve sweatpants, crochet hooks, and gaming consoles.


Life History

Mat was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, and has never left for more than a handful of weeks at a time. Mat completed a Bachelor of Science degree by taking the Geomatics program at the University of Victoria, while working part-time at a local bakery. Upon graduation, Mat jumped head-first into front-end web development and found it to be the perfect cross-section of problem-solving and art.


Predation / Conservation
If encountered, Mat is likely to act like a wild animal - far more scared of you, than you are of him. However, Mat is highly food motivated and will approach cautiously for pizza, at most hours of the day or night. Mat lives amongst a flock of two small dragons that learned to hiss at unfamiliar faces, due to growing up in covid isolation.

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Mat Bird.png
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