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Jill Hallborg


As a natural pack leader, Jill makes an excellent controller at Machydro. She has been in the administrative and management role for 16 years. Throughout her experience, she has been involved in many aspects of working within a team and thrives in a busy environment that requires attention to detail. Similar to her closest relative, the border collie, Jill is skilled at putting her coworkers in the right places at the right times to ensure an organized and efficient workflow.



Jill’s habitat lies in the East Kootenay Region at the headwaters of both the Kootenay and the Columbia Rivers, surrounded by interior Douglas Fir forests and endless wetlands. Jill can be spotted near local rivers, lakes, and hiking trails; however, it is more likely she will be found curled up by a cozy, warm fire. Jill tends to invest significant resources into the construction of her den, often spending days or even weeks scouring Pinterest for inspiration and then foraging for materials to invest in DIY house projects.


Life History

Over the years, Jill migrated from the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan to BC’s Rocky Mountain Trench. Her transition west was slow, with a stop in Calgary, AB for her education. Her love for the outdoors overpowered her love for city life, and she moved with her family to Canal Flats, where she has settled between the Rockies and the Purcell mountains.



When not at work or in her home, Jill spends her time roaming the wild with her pack of four semi-feral-but-mostly-domesticated dogs. Should you encounter Jill and her pack, ecologists warn you not to get too close, particularly if you have a dog yourself, as your beloved pet may choose to leave you for the comfortable lifestyle and cozy den that Jill offers.

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