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Hannah Schaefer



Hannah is a biologist with four years of experience working in modelling, watershed mapping, and statistics as they relate to freshwater systems. She has previously worked with random forest models, classification and regression trees, and large-scale inventories of historical fisheries data. She also works with water chemistry data analyses and cumulative effects projects, and hopes to broaden her knowledge on spatial modelling in the future.



Hannah’s habitat is predominantly defined by towering skyscrapers and noise pollution from various means of transportation. As a self-described terrestrial biped, Hannah tends to avoid venturing too far into saltwater ecosystems, preferring to spend work and leisure time near freshwater and old-growth forests. Her fear of incidental run-ins with large cetaceans further supports her desire to focus on the dynamics of freshwater ecosystems.


Life History

Hannah is native to the North Central region of Illinois in the United States, although she has been successfully reintroduced to Metro Vancouver. She holds a B.A. in Biology from Augustana College and an M.Sc. in Natural Environment and Resources with a focus in Conservation Ecology from the University of Michigan. While she is adjusting very well to life in Canada, she is still known to make seasonal migrations to her native region of Chicago when she can.



Hannah’s love for chocolate has many conservationists concerned that it may lead to her ultimate demise if she’s unable to find some self-control. There may be hope for her preservation, as evidence shows she may be spending much of her time with a new puppy, leaving less time to eat all of the chocolate in her territory. In the meantime, she can be found staring at her betta fish as he swims around in his beautifully aquascaped tank.

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