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Danielle Marcotte

M.Env., R.P.Bio


Danielle is a biologist with both a professional and personal passion for nature. She has been working in the environmental consulting field for over seven years, and has worked on a diverse range of multi-stakeholder projects, including water management modelling, state of the watershed reporting, and cumulative effect assessments. She has recently specialized her work with a focused interest in the assessment of cumulative environmental effects. 



Danielle’s habitat primarily consists of old growth forests and alpine meadows in the mountains near Fernie, BC. She often utilizes the extensive trail network in the area as a travelling corridor, and migrates from home office to mountaintop consistently. As an obligate hibernator she is most often spotted in the summer months, while she spends her winters cozied up by a fire with a good book.


Life History

Danielle was born in rural Quebec. She earned a B.Sc. in Biology from McGill University and a Master’s in Environmental Assessment from Concordia University. Shortly after her education she migrated west in search of a more suitable habitat for her love of the mountains. She has settled in BC, where the rugged terrain and friendly people provide a better match for her species characteristics. 



Danielle’s greatest threat comes from her lack of defense mechanisms. She is often caught daydreaming, which makes her more susceptible to predation in the wild. Her main prey defense consists of running away, yet, she is really not that fast. Conservationists believe that unless she evolves and adapts a different mechanism, such as chemical defense or camouflage, she will shortly become extinct.

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Articles published or accepted in refereed journals and books:

  • Marcotte, D., MacDonald, R.J., Nemeth, M.W. 2020. Participatory Water Management Modelling in the Athabasca River Basin. Canadian Water Resources Journal. 45(2): 109-124

  • Marcotte, D., Hung, S.K., Caquard, S. 2015. Mapping Cumulative Impacts on Hong Kong’s Pink Dolphin Population. Ocean and Coastal Management. 109: 51-63.


Selected non-refereed contributions:

  • Alberta WaterSMART (D. Marcotte contributor). 2018. A Roadmap for Sustainable Water Management in the Athabasca River Basin. Produced by Alberta WaterSMART for Alberta Innovates, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 154 pages. Available online at

  • Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Working Group (D. Marcotte contributor). 2018. Elk Valley cumulative effects assessment and management Report. Submitted to the Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Workshop Group, June, 2017, Cranbrook, British Columbia.

  • ALCES Landscape & Land-use Ltd. and Ghost Watershed Alliance Society (D. Marcotte contributor). 2018. Ghost River State of the Watershed Report. Draft Report for Review.

  • Marcotte, D., Adrain, C., and MacDonald, R.J. 2018. Natural Area Mapping for the Sturgeon Watershed. Submitted to the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. 46 pp

  • MacDonald, R.J., Chernos, M., Cairns, D., and Marcotte, D. 2017. Hydrologic Assessment for Riparian Assessment Units (RAU). Prepared for Canadian Forest Products Ltd. 26 pp.

  • MacDonald, R.J. and D. Marcotte. 2016. Little Moyie River Watershed Assessment. Prepared for Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Prepared by: MacDonald Hydrology Consultants Ltd.

  • McPherson, S. D. Paton, and D. Marcotte. 2016. Environmentally Sensitive Area Mapping, Wasa, Ta Ta Creek and Skookumchuk Official Community Plan Area. Prepared by Lotic Environmental Ltd and Anatum Ecological Ltd. for the Regional District of East Kootenay.

  • Robinson, M.D. M. Chernos, K. Baranowska, and R.J. MacDonald (D. Marcotte contributor). 2016. Teck Coal Ltd – Elk Valley 2015 Calcite Monitoring Program Annual Report and Program Assessment. Prepared for Teck Coal Ltd by Lotic Environmental Ltd.

  • McPherson, S. D. Paton, A. McKay, and D. Marcotte. 2015. Environmentally Sensitive Area Mapping, Proposed Steeples Official Community Plan Area. Prepared by Lotic Environmental Ltd1 and Anatum Ecological Ltd. for the Regional District of East Kootenay.

  • Chernos, M., Marcotte, D., MacDonald, R.J. 2015. An Analysis of Flooding in the Elk Valley, BC. Prepared for Elk River Alliance on June 5, 2015. 51 pp.

  • Marcotte, D. and R.J. MacDonald. 2014. Joseph Creek Storm Drain Study – Final Report. Prepared for Mainstreams Environmental Society, by Lotic Environmental Ltd. 16 pp.

Danielle Publications
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