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Cody Hermon

BTech in IT

Cody is a Software Developer who possesses a strong background in frontend development and is actively expanding his expertise to encompass full stack capabilities. He is looking forward to bridging his curiosity about hydrology with his passion for web development. With a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, he possesses knowledge in computer science
principles and is dedicated to creating innovative solutions.

Cody’s habitat resides in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. He is a rare creature as he is a master of camouflage. Cody often blends seamlessly into his natural habitat of dimly lit rooms, surrounded by the soft glow of computer screens. He communicates in a series of taps and clicks, a language only understood by its own kind and the machines it tends to.
Family-oriented, this creature often emerges from its den to partake in communal activities, displaying a fondness for its pack. When not in the throes of its technological trance, it indulges in a variety of physical exertions such as sprinting through the concrete jungle, or engaging in the swinging of clubs on green plains.

Life History
Cody was born in Victoria, British Columbia and currently lives in the Lower Mainland. He has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Kwantlen Polytechnic University while working part-time as a stone countertop installer. After graduation, he took on the role of IT specialist to further expand on his technical skills. Cody then worked for a couple of startup companies as a Web Developer, and each position contributed to becoming a well-rounded software developer.

In the heart of the digital jungle, Cody exhibits a peculiar behavior that baffles many: cohabitating with a feline creature, despite a notorious allergy. This cat, often seen lounging on  the back of his chair, is both a companion and a conundrum, causing sneezes and sniffles amidst coding sessions. Cody also takes delight in staring at a miniature aquatic world which is adjacent to his workstation.

Cody Cat.jpg
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