Beth Millions



Beth is an environmental scientist with a passion for water.  She has been working in the environmental field for over seven years, with a focus on aquatic health, ecophysiology, and ecosystem restoration. Beth is a generalist, acclimatizing to constantly changing environmental conditions and work, and is driven to explore more of her natural habitat.


As a semi-aquatic mammal, Beth can be found both in the water and on land. Beth’s work often has her sampling streams in local watersheds, hiking to distant field sites, and more often than not, sitting in front of her computer with a cup of tea. When she is not working, Beth still splits her time between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, and can be found foraging for berries nearby to mountain bike trails, traveling by kayak down various lotic systems, or finding shelter in backcountry huts.

Life History

Beth was born in Montreal, Quebec, but has migrated west across the continent in her hunt for mountains, snow, and whitewater. She holds a BSc in Biological Science and an MSc in Environmental Science from the University of Lethbridge, and is currently working towards her professional designation with the College of Applied Biology in British Columbia.


Beth willingly shares her habitat with virtually any animal that crosses her path, whether it be a stray cat or the neighbor’s dog, and frequently is late for work because she is too busy playing with any domesticated quadrupedal mammal that will let her. Conservationists fear that Beth may one day go extinct because she was preoccupied petting a dog and forgot to feed herself.